Compassionate Democrats

The Democrats’ vision* is one a big, compassionate America where everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead. It’s a vision that says we prosper when we realize that we are all in it together and stand united as a nation without dividing or excluding people.

Democrats’ values* include tolerance, equality among all people, and the treating of all Americans with dignity and respect. ** 

2012 Democratic National Platform

The 1st open-enrollment deadline to sign up for health-care via ObamaCare was March 31, 2014. The Obama administration boasts 7.1 million Americans have signed up.

The hope was that these are people who were previously uninsured, although it remains unknown since the Obama administration is refusing to report how many of the 7.1 million sign-ups were not previously insured.

7.1 million Americans have signed up to ObamaCare

The Obama administration has routinely claimed that the number of Americans with no healthcare prior to the implementation of ObamaCare stood at near 46 million Americans (as seen here in a June 2009 speech before the American Medical Association in Chicago).Under the most favorable assumption that all 7.1 million sign-ups were not previously insured, this optimistic number constitutes only 15.4% of the uninsured.

How is it that at least 84.6% of the uninsured, or at least 38.9 million Americans have not signed up?

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid  (Democrat, NV) knows why.

According to Sen. Reid, too many Americans (38.9 million or more, to be exact) just aren’t educated on how to use the Internet.”

And so, in an effort to explain a failure of a policy he supports, Senator Reid is dividing the uninsured into two groups, defining the larger one – 84.6% of uninsured – 38.9 million Americans – are just too stupid… unlike his own grandchildren!

By dubbing them not educated and implying they are inferior to his grandchildren, is Senator Reid being compassionate towards the majority (84.6%) of uninsured Americans – 38.9 million people – who voted with their feet against a policy he happens to advocate? Is he treating them with dignity, tolerance, respect and equality, as a democrat ‘ought to’?


* From the 2012 Democratic platform.
** Author’s emphasis.

Hamas has a very good reason for using Palestinians as human shields

It is well documented that Hamas is using civilian properties for its terrorist activities against Israel, placing its rockets, its missiles, in civilian areas.

It has been extensively reported of Hamas using Palestinian civilians as human shields, placing their command and control centers in civilian areas.

Hamas terrorists use ambulances as getaway carsHamas terrorists use ambulances as getaway cars


Hamas terrorists dress up as women Hamas terrorists dress up as women

Hamas terrorists use donkeys as suicide bombersHamas terrorists use donkeys as suicide bombers


Hamas terrorists swaddle weapons in baby blanketsHamas terrorists swaddle weapons in baby blankets


Hamas terrorists use journalists as human shieldsHamas terrorists use journalists as human shields


Hamas issues death-threats to journalistsHamas issues death-threats to journalists who dare to report their use of human shields

Hamas uses mosques to protect attack-tunnel entrancesHamas uses mosques to protect attack-tunnel entrances

Hamas sets up headquarters at Gaza's main hospitalHamas sets up headquarters at Gaza’s main hospital; uses the facility to launch rockets at Israeli civilian towns 

Hamas hides rockets in United Nations schoolsHamas hides rockets in United Nations schools; launches rockets from UN facilities at Israeli civilian towns 

Hamas plants attack-tunnel entrances in private homes

Hamas plants attack-tunnel entrances in private homes 

Hamas uses mosques to hide rocketsHamas uses mosques to hide rockets


Is there any logical explanation for Hamas storing its weapons among civilians, and launching its rockets from civilian areas, causing scores of deaths and injuries to Palestinians?

You bet there is!

It is because Gaza is pretty small, and it’s very densely populated. There is simply not enough room in Gaza to put them elsewhere.

During an interview late July 2014 with Jorge Ramos on Fusion TV, Hillary Clinton addressed the issue of Hamas storing their missiles and rockets in civilian areas.


“The problem is, and this is something — I’m not a military planner, but Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is that Gaza is pretty small and it’s densely populated. They put their command and control of Hamas military leaders in those civilian areas.”

All the falsities that are fit to print

New York Times false facts about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

On April 14, 2014, the New York Times published an editorial titled: In the Middle East, Time to Move On.

All The Falsities That Are Fit to PrintThe article is filled with false facts, expresses anti-Israel opinions and frequently uses anti-Israel sentiment.

New York Times false facts

While the New York Times is entitled to express its anti-Israel opinion and use anti-Israel sentiment – after all, it is an editorial – falsifying facts and bending the truth, especially for the purpose of supporting a biased opinion, is nothing short of lying.

Here are a few examples of the New York Times false facts (see highlighted text in the original New York Times article*):

(1) “In 2009, the administration focused on getting Israel to halt settlement building and ran into the obstinacy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and resistance from the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to entering peace talks.

Flat out false.
On November 25, 2009, in a step characterized by top U.S. envoy for the region George Mitchell as “more than any Israeli government has done before, and [a decision that] can help move toward agreement between the parties“, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did agree to a 10-month settlement construction freeze (through Sep. 26, 2010) in the West Bank, yielding to the Obama administration pressure and the Palestinians demand. 

West Bank settlementThe Palestinian Authority rejected the gesture as being insignificant and despite the construction halt, continued to refuse to enter negotiations for almost 10 months into the construction-freeze period. When they finally entered negotiations on Sep. 2, 2010, they immediately threatened to exit them should the looming expiration of the construction-freeze period not be extended. When the 10-month settlement construction-freeze period elapsed and the halt was not extended – the Palestinians broke off the talks.

(2) “Since then, members of Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition government have tried to sabotage the talks.

Speculation, not a fact.
This speculative accusation has been put forward by Tzipi Livni, the head of a small left-wing faction (Hatnu-ah) that won only 6 seats (5%) in the Jan. 2013 elections to the 120-seat Israeli parliament.

Mahmoud Abbas (left) and Tzipi Livni (right)
Mahmoud Abbas (left) and Tzipi Livni (right).

The height of Livni’s political career was her Foreign Minister post under Prime Minister Sharon government of 2006, as a member of the ruling Kadima political faction.

After Sharon’s stroke, and Olmert’s (his successor as Prime Minister) decision to step down, Livni in Sep. 2008 won Kadima‘s leadership by a 1% margin (431 votes).

After Olmert’s resignation as Prime Minister, Livni was tasked in Sep. 2008 to form a government, but was unable to garner sufficient support in the Knesset (Israeli parliament).

New York Times false facts

In the following 2009 elections, Livni ran against Netanyahu. She was endorsed by the New York Times, and by the left-wing Israeli newspaper Ha-Aretz. Netanyahu endeded up forming a government following the elections, while Livni became the opposition leader. In Mar. 2012, Livni lost her primary elections in her Kadima faction by a wide margin (64.5% to her 35.5%) . She then resigned from the Knesset.

In Nov. 2012 Livni formed a new faction (Hatnu-ah) and ran against Netanyahu for prime-minister position in the Jan. 2013 elections, with its platform emphasizing on its aggressive push for a peace settlement with the Palestinians.

After winning only 6 seats (5%) in the Jan. 2013 elections to the 120-seat Israeli parliament, Livni joined Netanyahu’s government as Justice minister and head of Israeli negotiation team with the Palestinians.

(3) “The process broke down last month when Israel failed to release a group of Palestinian prisoners as promised and then announced 700 new housing units for Jewish settlement in a part of Jerusalem that Palestinians claim as the capital of a future state.”

An opinion, not a fact.
The process broke down because:

The Palestinians…
Refused to discuss any recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.
– Refused Kerry’s proposed framework which aimed for the formulation of a final agreement.
– Said “No” to Kerry’s request to agree to extend the talks beyond the looming April 29, 2014 deadline.
– Indicated clearly that all they were interested in was the release of the last batch of 28 terrorist before the deadline, after which they would walk away and take unilateral steps to gain international recognition as a state outside of an agreement with Israel.

Released Palestinian terrorists
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, second from left, waves with released Palestinian terrorists coming from Israeli jails during celebrations at Abbas’ headquarter in the West Bank town of Ramallah, October 30, 2013.

While Israel…
Released 78 Palestinian terrorist in 3 batches during the negotiation period as a gesture to the Palestinians in order to gain their consent to restart the talks brokered by Kerry.
– Never committed to halt construction in Jerusalem or the West Bank, thus has not violated the conditions under which the talks were held.
– Was prepared to accept Kerry’s proposed framework which aimed for the formulation of a final agreement.
– After realizing that the Palestinians – by their refusal to agree to the extension of talks and their threats to go to the UN – are not interested in continued negotiations but only in the release of their terrorists – Israel postponed the release of the last batch of terrorists while negotiating a broader deal that will tie such a release with the continuation of the negotiations.

(4) “…Palestinians responded by applying to join 15 international conventions and treaties. That move won’t get them a state, but it is legal

Rabin Clinton Arafat

Flat out false.
The Palestinians applying to join 15 international conventions and treaties was a violation of the terms of negotiations, as well as a violation of previous agreements with Israel in which Palestinians have committed not to take any unilateral steps outside the context of a negotiated agreement with Israel that have any effect of the political status of Palestine as an independent entity (1995 Oslo Interim Agreement Article XXXI Final Clauses 7).

(5) “…[Israel] took its own unilateral steps by announcing plans to deprive the financially strapped Palestinian Authority of about $100 million in monthly tax revenues

Flat out false.
The Israeli decision was to deduct Palestinian debt from the monthly transfer of tax collections, which typically amounts to about $100 million per month. Palestinians owe Israel hundreds of millions of dollars for electricity and hospital bills. There was no Israeli specific announcement as to the amount that would be withheld to cover Palestinian debt. 

Perhaps the New York Times needs to change its tag line.

New York Times new tag line


In the Middle East, Time to Move On.