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Compassionate Democrats

The Democrats’ vision* is one a big, compassionate America where everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead. It’s a vision that says we prosper when we realize that we are all in it together and stand united as a nation without dividing or excluding people.

Democrats’ values* include tolerance, equality among all people, and the treating of all Americans with dignity and respect. ** 

2012 Democratic National Platform

The 1st open-enrollment deadline to sign up for health-care via ObamaCare was March 31, 2014. The Obama administration boasts 7.1 million Americans have signed up.

The hope was that these are people who were previously uninsured, although it remains unknown since the Obama administration is refusing to report how many of the 7.1 million sign-ups were not previously insured.

7.1 million Americans have signed up to ObamaCare

The Obama administration has routinely claimed that the number of Americans with no healthcare prior to the implementation of ObamaCare stood at near 46 million Americans (as seen here in a June 2009 speech before the American Medical Association in Chicago).Under the most favorable assumption that all 7.1 million sign-ups were not previously insured, this optimistic number constitutes only 15.4% of the uninsured.

How is it that at least 84.6% of the uninsured, or at least 38.9 million Americans have not signed up?

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid  (Democrat, NV) knows why.

According to Sen. Reid, too many Americans (38.9 million or more, to be exact) just aren’t educated on how to use the Internet.”

And so, in an effort to explain a failure of a policy he supports, Senator Reid is dividing the uninsured into two groups, defining the larger one – 84.6% of uninsured – 38.9 million Americans – are just too stupid… unlike his own grandchildren!

By dubbing them not educated and implying they are inferior to his grandchildren, is Senator Reid being compassionate towards the majority (84.6%) of uninsured Americans – 38.9 million people – who voted with their feet against a policy he happens to advocate? Is he treating them with dignity, tolerance, respect and equality, as a democrat ‘ought to’?


* From the 2012 Democratic platform.
** Author’s emphasis.