The State the Palestinians Really Seek

The logo of the "Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations" – on their website and on top of their official statements at the U.N. – shows the real Palestinian Authority's claim to a Palestine State.


  • The emblem depicts territory that stretches throughout the entire historical entity of the former British Mandate for Palestine.
  • Absent from the logo is any hint that what the PLO calls 'Palestine' consists of anything other than Arab territory.
  • No nod is given even to the U.N.'s 1948 decision to divide the region into Jewish and Arab sectors.
  • Israel-mapNo reference in the logo to the 'pre-1967 borders'.
  • There is no Israel on the logo's map of the area where Israel currently exists.
  • The emblem depicts territory that is now Israel.
  • The emblem shows the Palestinian state as one that replaces Israel.


There is not too much left to the imagination here: According to the official Palestinian mission and statements to the UN, Israel is wiped off the map!



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