U.N. Official Publishing False Information Regarding Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Reuters is not alone in fabricating facts when it comes to reporting hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians – a U.N. (yes, The United Nations) media official has joined the club.

Khulood Badawi (@KhuloodBadawi), an Information and Media Coordinator for OCHA – the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, on March 10 2012 posted a Tweet: "Palestine is bleeding. Another child killed by #Israel… Another father carrying his child to a grave in #Gaza," with a link to a photo of a blood-covered Palestinian girl being carried by a man.

This photo is now the top tweet for #Gaza, with over 300 retweets. But…


It is completely false!


The photo was actually taken in 2006 by Reuters. The girl was injured in an accident by falling off a swing and died.

Reuters had originally reported that the girl was killed by an Israeli air strike in Gaza, but later retracted that claim and published a corrected caption to the photo.


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